hedgehog hop™

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Your dog will start jumping as wildly as this bumbling, bouncy plush hedgehog when you hit this toy's 'on' switch.

• unpredictable movement trigger's your dog's prey instinct
• on/off switch activates the irresistibly erratic motion
• encourages healthy physical and mental activity
• replaceable batteries for long-lasting fun

• soft plush toy body houses motion module
• requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• for dogs of all sizes
• NOTE: Read instructions/safety info on package before use

frequently asked questions - hedgehog hop:

What will my dog like about this toy?
All dogs have a natural prey drive (the hunting instinct) which is most often triggered through sight or sound. Erratic, scampering movements signal the presence of prey to a dog and most find the motion instinctually exciting. Motion toys like our hedgehog hop gives your dog a natural incentive to engage with a toy.

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