fox call™

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Every day will be hunting season for your dog with our frisky, fox call sound toy.

• a light touch activates realistic fox sounds
• natural sound trigger's your dog's natural instincts
• sound ceases when toy is at rest
• soft, natural plush material dogs love

• sound module delivers approximately 8,000 sound activations
• for safety reasons includes non-replaceable batteries
• medium-large sized plush toy
• not recommended for aggressive chewers
• NOTE: Read instructions/safety info on package before use

frequently asked questions - fox call:

What will my dog like about the sound in this toy?
All dogs have a natural prey drive (the hunting instinct) which is often triggered by a sound. To a dog, certain sounds can indicate the immediate presence of something ‘alive.’ Most dogs will be very motivated to, shall we say… ‘silence’ the sound! (this is great fun for dogs and is much kinder than real prey!). Dogtronics sound toys give dogs a natural incentive to engage (and continue to engage) with a toy.

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